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Our clinic arrives where the standard dentist stops, we give all of you the opportunity to undergo almost every operation under general anesthesia, from the classic interventions to those of complex maxillofacial surgery.

So doing:

- You will avoid stress
- You will save a lot of time
- You will have the guarantee of last generation products
- Reduce pain by 90%
- You can count on a team of professionals with years of experience

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There are always different possibilities to get a result like 5 + 4 = 9 even 6 + 3 = 9, so it is good to inquire on the internet and talking with friends, but a professional will always give you a wide choice of solutions suited to your individual case, remember always that in the world we are all different, so cases can not be standardized but they must be tailor-made for you!

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General anesthesia is new in
modern intensive dentistry,we
are the only privatedental
practice that I work under
general anesthesia.

VIDRA C.O.S.A.A. d.o.o.

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E-mail: info@polimedical.si
E-mail: info@polimedical.com

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